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Newcastle Council proposes to shed over 50 social work posts in cuts plan. The plans mean fewer face-to-face reviews, longer waits and reduced care packages for adults, and risk of increased caseloads for staff. This is the unfortunate situation of many councils, not just in the North and the consequences are being felt by service users like us all over the country.

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Rob Moriarty is a 33 year old businessman and entrepreneur. A horrific diving accident in 1998 left Rob paralysed from the neck down and wheelchair-bound, leaving him completely dependent on 24 hour care. Despite his injury, Rob left hospital after less than a year and returned to full time education, completing 3 A-Levels followed by a Joint Honours degree in Music and German from the University of Leeds. In 2004 Rob was one of the first undergraduates requiring 24 hour care to study abroad on the Erasmus program, spending 3 months in Dortmund, Germany. After finishing his studies Rob setup a website design company in 2007 with a university friend which is still running today. Since leaving school Rob has lived independently of friends and family using a Direct Payment to manage his own team of carers. Whilst his primary business focus is on empowering his clients in the basics of effective Internet Marketing techniques, Rob also speaks regularly about Social Care provision, sharing his unique insight into living independently and running a successful business. Through his experiences and guidance, Rob’s business is now driving the development of a range of Personalisation in Social Care tools (part of the Putting People First program) enabling thousands of individuals to manage their own care more easily and live as independently as they choose. In 2010 Rob was placed 6th in the Stelios Disabled Entrepreneur of the Year award.

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