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Unfortunate Reality of Personal Budgets

There’s been an article going round in the news¬†about the¬†unfortunate reality of social work and personal budgets in an era of austerity, as described by a social worker. For us service users this is nothing new, but if you know

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ESA Disability Benefit Cut

There is an interesting item in the news this morning, detailing all the MPs who voted to force through the ESA disability benefit cut. The list is pretty damning and comprehensive, so if your MP is listed there and you

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Do more with less and fewer of you please…

Newcastle Council proposes to shed over 50 social work posts in cuts plan. The plans mean fewer face-to-face reviews, longer waits and reduced care packages for adults, and risk of increased caseloads for staff. This is the unfortunate situation of

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Tax payer money misspent, hardly the first time!

This recent news article seems surprised that tax payers money is being mis spent by deviant service users splashing out on expensive products and covering the cost of ludicrous mobile phone bills. Before you join the public out cry, don’t

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Standing room only? Think again!

Geoff Ellis, the man behind T in the Park, is helping to organise a gig for disabled music fans in Glasgow. ABLE2UK – The Accessible Concert 2016 – announced that Hozier, Kodaline and Prides would perform back in September. Now

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